JohnMoehrke RelatedPerson Consent
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Example Consent: Simple Consent example

Generated Narrative

Resource "ex-consent"

Profile: Consent profile for a RelatedPerson relationship

Security Labels:

status: active

scope: Privacy Consent (Consent Scope Codes#patient-privacy)

category: Authorizing Consent for a Related Person (Consent type that is authorizing a RelatedPerson#RelatedPersonAuthorizing), Release of information consent (LOINC#64292-6), information disclosure (ActCode#IDSCL)

patient: Patient/ex-patient " SCHMIDT"

dateTime: 2022-06-13

performer: Patient/ex-patient " SCHMIDT"

organization: Organization/ex-organization "somewhere org"

source: DocumentReference/ex-documentreference




type: permit


*delegatee (RoleCode#DELEGATEE)RelatedPerson/ex-father " SCHMIDT"

purpose: family requested (Details: code FAMRQT = 'family requested', stated as 'null')